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Total Lockdown means no ‘balik kampung’

As reported by local news media, Gombak Toll and Sg Besi Toll began flooding with people trying to balik kampung. It is no surprise since the same thing happened during the first lockdown. The aim of a lockdown is to restrict movement in the country. Balik kampung will eventually bring Covid to your loved ones, especially to the elderly who are at more risk of suffering due to the disease.

We can take the past event of people balik kampung for Hari Raya as an example for the rise of Covid cases. The high number of cases in the East Coast is due to the people celebrating raya at their hometown.

People have been asking government to enforce lockdown but it seems that they cannot adhere to the very essence of lockdown which is to isolate themselves to minimise the spread of virus. They have been misusing this temporary lockdown to balik kampung without thinking what their actions might cause. We understand that this pandemic have caused frustration among us but we should also restrain ourselves and stay home for the time being.

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