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Panic At The ‘TESCO’

As per what happened before the start of MCO 1.0, people are still panic buying their groceries following the announcement made by the Prime Minister to implement a full lockdown starting from 1st June till 14 June 2021. This is due to the increasing number of Covid cases in the nation.

Today the Covid cases exceeds 9,000 and close to 100 death, the highest ever death ever been recorded. Upon the commencement of full lockdown, people can be seen storming supermarkets across the country to pile up stocks during the lockdown.

This event has been occurring again and again. Please be assured that basic necessities can still be obtained during the lockdown. Essential businesses are still operational during the lockdown. However, the number of visitors may be reduced to only the head of the family to be able to go out and replenish the food stock. It is necessary in order to reduce the number of Covid cases.

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